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beFORE – Becoming Future-Oriented Entrepreneurs in universities and companies

beFORE takes on the challenge to transform university entrepreneurship education, company training and business practice. The project anticipates to develop and release the original educational offer, which would nurture Futures Literate Individuals with improved capacity for analysing and dealing with the unknown future challenges when pursuing a professional career, managing an organisation or developing innovations.

The project will contribute to building a methodological and theoretical framework for future-oriented entrepreneurship coupled with the development of e-learning based educational solutions, in order to facilitate achieving a desired foresight awareness and maturity levels among entrepreneurs, students and educators.The specific needs of the target groups will be analysed in a pan-European survey and effectively addressed in the educational offer composed of: one main and the three auxiliary e-learning courses for students, entrepreneurs and academics.

Futures Literacy e-learning courses will be tested among target groups in national pilots in: Poland, Italy, Germany and Spain. The European-targeted results of the project will provide an effortless starting point for wide implementation across other countries, to which the associated partners (i.e. ISPIM, FEN, EPPM) will contribute to.

The project outputs will be instrumental in acquiring knowledge and skills:

  • by university teachers and company training providers allowing them to educate Futures Literate Individuals
  • by entrepreneurs enabling them to take advantage of market and technological opportunities leading to innovations
  • by students helping them to capture and develop business ideas.

The project will create long-term impacts through:

  • increasing synergies between educational offer of academia and business
  • increasing interdisciplinarity and flexibility of higher educational offer
  • laying foundations to transform organisations into anticipatory and adaptive systems.


We are striving for perfection, but in fact we already have a lot! BeFore meeting in Warsaw

On September 21, a meeting of the beFORE project partners took place at 4cf’s headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. The participants of the meeting were representatives of ITeE-PIB, UNIPI, FREIE, 4CF and BUT while MUE connected with the project team via Skype. The aim of the meeting was to make a collective overview of learning materials prepared so far, and to formulate recommendations in terms of contents and technicalities.

After an introduction of the meeting objectives and an overview of state-of-the-art within WP3 followed by general comments regarding basic programme modules and lessons, partners responsible for each consecutive module were presenting the contents. Every presentation was immediately followed by feedback from the reviewing partners; enriched by constructive comments and discussion regarding open or problematic issues. In the final part of the meeting, WP4 tasks and thematic orientation was presented and discussed.

Key decisions, recommendations and next steps discussed during the meeting referred to: proper and catchy introductions to the lessons, the way content is presented, the use of multimedia forms, unification of the presentation method, partners’ visibility in prepared materials. Particular attention was paid to the relationship between WP3 and WP4 materials. In the context of the last issue raised, all participants of the meeting agreed that there is a lot of interesting and valuable material for both WP3 and WP4.

As always, the project meeting was also an opportunity to integrate the team. Thanks to the hosts, all participants could count on a warm welcome and a creative atmosphere.

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Basic information about project

Start: 01-01-2017
End: 31-12-2019
Project Reference: 575842-EPP-1-2016-1-PL-EPPKA2-KA
EC Grant: 748 211 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Knowledge Alliances for higher education

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