Faculty of Engineering Management


11th International Conference on Engineering, Project, and Production Management

The aim of the EPPM Conferences is to bring together researchers, scientists, practitioners, students for a corporate scientific discussion about current and emerging research issues, problems, questions, findings, and new achievements in engineering management, project management and production management. They also hosts theoretical discussions, data analysis, case studies, and industrial practices in form of research papers or workshops.

Conference website: eppm2021.pb.edu.pl

International Scientific Conference on Collaborative Innovation Development

The aim of the conference is to exchange knowledge among participants and get more insights into the issue of Collaborative Innovation Development from different theoretical perspectives and also from management practice point of view. The conference will place great emphasis on the scientific discussion on conference participants’ presented works, towards development of extended abstracts into full papers, intended for submission to the quality journals. Keynote speakers, some other conference participants and members of the Scientific Board are experienced in publishing in high quality journals and would share their expertise to support improvement of presented research works.

Conference website: CID Conference 2019

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