Faculty of Engineering Management


Faculty of Management Engineering is a leader of the project RSMF – Remote Student Monitoring Framework for Securing Exams

Project is financed by the Erasmus + Programme within the KA220-HED action – Cooperation partnerships in higher education.

Members of the project consortium are the following institutions:

  • The Neapolis University of Paphos (Cyprus),
  • University of Piraeus Research Center (Greece),
  • Unimed – Unione Delle Universita Del Mediterraneo (Italy),
  • Enoros Consulting Ltd. (Cyprus).

The aim of the project is to develop IT tools to facilitate the safe and reliable implementation of exams in a remote form. The project includes 3 main tasks:

Task 1: Development of an accreditation monitoring framework for securing remote exams

Task 2: Development of a remote exams guide book for Higher Education

Task 3: Developing a Remote Student Monitoring Platform

The project manager on the part of the Białystok University of Technology is Professor Joanna Ejdys, and the project team consists of: Professor Katarzyna Halicka; Professor Marta Jarocka, Joanna Jakuszewicz, PhD; Andrzej Pawluczuk, PhD; Beata Kobus-Madras, PhD; Anna M. Olszewska, PhD; Wojciech Zalewski, PhD; Wioletta Czemiel-Grzybowska, PhD; Mateusz Kikolski, M.Sc.; Krzysztof Pleskaczuk, M.Sc.; Katarzyna Wardzińska, M.Sc.

Project value: 184 000 Euro.

Project implementation dates: 1.11.2021-30.10.2023

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