Faculty of Engineering Management

GoSmart BSR

Project objective/aim

The aim of the project is to develop Smart Specialisation Strategies (3S) in an interregional system, mainly by increasing the internationalization of business through international information exchange and supporting effective international cooperation of entities within the quadruple helix – research, development, industry and administration units.

Project description

The GoSmart BSR project is carried out as a part of Interreg Baltic Sea Region program, priority 1 ‘Capacity for innovation’, specific objective 1.2 ‘Smart specialisation: enhance growth opportunities based on the increased capacity of innovation organisations to apply smart specialisation approach’.

The idea of the project is to integrate countries of low innovation potential from less developed regions of the Baltic Sea with countries from better-developed regions through reciprocal learning, 3S implementation, joint activities between enterprises from SME sector (small and medium-sized enterprises) and sharing the best practices. The project is an important milestone on the way leading to the commercialisation of academic works for economic development at international level. After a research stage, at which smart specialisations and business directions are to be defined, a practical stage is planned, consisting in establishing and executing practical cooperation with entrepreneurs as well as R&D institutions.

The project is carried out as a partnership of institutions from seven countries, among which Białystok University of Technology is the leader, also being the only academic partner. The others are:

  • Podlasie Regional Development Foundation – regional partner (Poland),
  • Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia),
  • Valga Town (Estonia),
  • Lithuania Innovation Center (Lithuania),Kouvola Innovation (Finland),
  • Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) (Germany),
  • Business Aabenraa (Denmark).

The project fits into the idea of practical application of scientific knowledge and the results of academic research for regional economic development in the transnational system.

Expected results

Conducting transnationally coordinated activities based on enhancing knowledge, competence and cooperation between GoSmart BSR partners will enable:

  • adjusting the R&D sector to business needs, including international cooperation,
  • creating a cooperation network integrating entities from business, administration and academic research towards establishing lasting transnational links,
  • improving SMEs’ access to various forms of transnational cooperation, combined with innovations, technology and know-how transfer, particularly in the area of R&D,
  • conducting studies on new internationalization models and development directions of enterprises, smart specialisations in the transregional system, as well as on tools for enterprises
  • internationalization support, which will in effect be subject to pilot implementation activities,
  • improving public authorities’ understanding and effectiveness in supporting innovation and internationalisation of businesses and R&D actors,
  • developing 3S in transregional and transnational systems implemented in partner regions.
Basic information about project

Project name – Strengthening smart specialization by fostering transnational cooperation – GoSmart BSR

Project Manager
Wiesław Urban, PhD, Assoc. Prof.

Contract number
# R041P

Source of financing
Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2014-2020, Interreg Baltic Sea Region program, priority 1 ‘Capacity for innovation’, specific objective 1.2 ‘Smart specialisation

Duration of project
October 1, 2017-September 30, 2020

The project budget
1 759 767.50 €

Own contribution
327,877.50 €

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