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Seminars – IEEE Poland Section TEMS Chapter

Date Title Scope Keywords
30.05.2017 Control model of distributed production and distribution of energy using Big Data analyst
The author discussed the principles of operation of the energy system. Prerequisites for the development of distributed energy were indicated. The concept of smart grids was presented as a tool for obtaining large data sets and process control. The author’s attention was also paid to the role of Big Data analytics in the development of smart grids. Big Data, distributed energy, energy distribution, energy production, smart grids.
30.05.2017 The simulation program as the tool of the supply chains design The author presented the outcomes of the literature review concerning the application of computer simulation as the tools for designing supply chains. Appropriately designed supply chain is one of the key elements of enterprises competitiveness. In the dynamically changing economy more and more significant are relations among all entities participating in the same supply chain. The author discussed few innovative tools as well as simulation software allowing for designing supply chains in the manufacturing industry. supply chain, computer simulation, supply chains designing.


Virtual Production Line as a tool for analyzing creative work


The author presented the concept of Virtual Production Line, which is the natural extension of Classical Production Line invented by Henry Ford in 1913 in the automotive industry as well as indicated the fundamental assumptions and differences of these ideas. The author indicated also the dissimilarities between partition and division of a complex production/service process. The problems of creativeness and proximity between experts in the project were deeply discussed. Virtual Production Line, Classical Production Line, creative process, proximity.
12.06.2018 Designing the optimal layout of workstations in manufacturing processes During the seminar a presentation was discusses the topic of designing the optimal distribution of workstations within the production plant was presented. The facility layout problem is presented, as well as the basic principles of functioning of the optimization methods for the distribution of workstations within the factory. The author also presents the proposition of the own’s methodology for designing the optimal distribution of workstations using the available optimization methods and computer simulation. In addition, the directions for further research were indicated. production lines design, production optimization, workplace planning
10.07.2018 Polyfunctional model of efficiency management in the process of providing investment and construction services The purpose of the presentation at the seminar was to present the assumptions of the doctoral thesis concept for a broader discussion and opinion. The author pointed out the definitions and terminology regarding the polyfunctional word, effectiveness as well as the concepts of investment and construction services. In addition to the indicated research goals and hypotheses, the author presented a broad review of literature focused on performance management in the construction sector. The author indicated that the solution to the scientific problem will be a model serving as a helpful tool in increasing the efficiency of the investment process and strengthening the competitiveness of enterprises in the construction sector and enterprises implementing investments. The speech met with wide interest and heated discussion after the presentation, with the indication of valuable comments, possible modifications and potential additions to the concept presented. investment and construction services, efficiency management, management models


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