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  • Over PLN 2 million for the development of the Faculty of Engineering Management

    Author: FEMDate: 20/02/2018

    In the frame of the PB 2020 - Integrated Development Program of the Białystok University of Technology project, with a total value of PLN 11.9 million, the Faculty of Engineering Management will carry out tasks for more than PLN 2 million.


    Author: FEMDate: 16/02/2018

    At the end of February and the beginning of March 2018, the International Relation Office organizes ERASMUS+ DAYS.

  • Winners of the 3rd edition of the "Learning Organization" competition

    Author: FEMDate: 14/02/2018

    On February 5th, 2018, prof. Joanna Ejdys, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Management, participated in the award ceremony, organized at the Bialystok Cultural Center, for the winners of the 3rd edition of the "Learning Organization" competition.


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  • There are two great things you could do in your life - study and travel. Both give you the opportunity to meet inspiring people. Thanks to these two factors I have managed to fuse the travelling passion and working with people into the most wondersful way of life.

  • Studies at the Faculty of Engineering Management is the best time to discover your unique strengths on the path to your future career

    Robert MatyszewskiFEM Graduate SoftwareHut, Board member
  • Faculty of Engineering Management is a place that offers the opportunity to take part in interesting events and to take first steps in marketing sector. In my case, the involvement in the student scientific societies was the beginning of my adventure with advertising - the adventure that still continues...

    Tomasz MichniewiczFEM Graduate Infinity Group, UX Designer/Strategy Planner
  • Studies at the Faculty of Engineering Management have shown me the latest trends that shape the labour market. They have equipped me with the abilty to design my professional path which I consequently follow

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